Major causes of negative and positive impacts on mental health during lock-down due to COVID-19 pandemic.

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Izhan Ali Khan.
Asima Khan
Fauzia Imtiaz
Mukarum Ali


Introduction: Soon after pandemic of Covid-19; Lockdown across Pakistan led to wide spectrum of problems that includes unemployment, closure of schools & Colleges, shattered economy. Least in focused remained the mental health of the people affected due to different reasons.

Objective: To determine the major causes of negative and positive impact on mental health during Covid-19 pandemic. of lock-down on mental health.

Methodology: This cross-sectional study was conducted at Dow University of Health Sciences during April-May 2020. Using structured online questionnaire, 362 participants took part in the study. The selection criteria were age above 14 years and resident of Karachi in an area under lock down due to pandemic of COVID-19.

Results: Overall, 95.3% participants agreed that lock down is most appropriate strategy to counter the spread of Covid-19. Stress consequent to lock down was attributed as concern for their loved ones and relative by 47% of the participants, social distancing and restrictions by 44.2% and fall in economic situation by 43.4%. When asked for the probable solutions to these problems; provision of grocery items at door steps was stated by 53%, ease on taxes and/or bills by 52.5%; while 51.7% were of the opinion that people should be keep informed about development regarding Covid-19.  The positive impacts on mental health were due to having more time for family (63.5%) and break from busy life (47.5%).

Conclusion: Different causes of negative and positive impacts of lock-down were acknowledged with people experiencing almost similar causes of stress and anxiety. Almost all of the problems are solvable if people’s recommendations are taken into account.


Keywords: COVID-19 19, pandemic, Mental health.

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