SARS COVID-19 and neurological indicators and its consequences in healthcare provider. Covid-19

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Bushra Tahreem
Toba Samreen
Sana Mehreen


In China, as well as other Asian and European countries, the new coronavirus sick-ness (COVID-19) has disseminated quickly. Patients, health experts, and the over-all community are under tremendous mental stress, which can precede to headaches, sleep disorders, depression, and anosmia, among other issues. During the COVID-19 epidemic, experts have established an agreement on the admission of individuals with serious mental disease to mental health facilities. Nonetheless, the COVID-19 has ascended as a severe warning to mental condition around the world due to its rapid spread. The impact of mental health on health practitioners is examined in this article. Review the many neurological signs of the COVID-19 disease as well.

Keywords: COVID-19, Mental health, Cerebrovascular accident, health care provider

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