Suicidal tendency through poisoning and its outcome among young population. An alarming mental health issue.

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Pir Asad Aziz
Zeeshan Nasir
Noorulain Qureshi
Ghulam Shabbir Sheikh
Quratulain Qureshi
Aatir Hanif


Introduction: Among low-middle-income and underdeveloped countries of the world around 75% of overall mortality among the young population is through suicidal mechanisms. Mechanism of such acts varies among underdeveloped countries; one common mechanism is through intake of different poisons. Most of cases are not recorded properly and many of those people die before reaching hospitals and are never registered.

Objectives: To evaluate the frequency of suicidal acts among youth through different poisonous agents and their outcomes.

Methodology: This descriptive study was conducted at department of neurosurgery and Intensive care unit (ICU). Between January 2018 to June 2018, all cases of attempted suicide through ingestion of some poison, initially registered at accident and emergency department and later verified from medicolegal and intensive care unit were included for the current study. 

Results: A total of 221 cases were reported, mostly from Hyderabad city. Rat killer poison, Black stones, and Organophosphate are most common poisons used for ingestion. Most case were registered during month of March and April. Black stone and organophosphate have higher mortality as compared to others. Domestic issues and broken relationships followed by poverty were the most prevailing cause of suicidal attempts. The incidence rate of suicidal attempts through poison ingestion in the Sindh youth population is 2.351 with a 0.030 mortality rate.

Conclusion: Collaborative efforts between nongovernmental organization, legislative bodies and designated medicolegal hospital having indigenous intensive care unit and neurosciences institute is needed if youth is to be salvage. Those survive needs prolong social support.   

Keywords: Youth, Suicide, Poison, Organophosphorus


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