Prevalence of Xerostomia in Diabetes Mellitus at lower Sindh.

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Sana Shah
Mahrukh Shah
Nighat Kafil
Madiha Shah
Shaheen Shah
Abid Laghari


Introduction: Xerostomia is a common problem in apparently normal as well as in ill individuals. Diabetes mellitus is a common endocrine disorder in which Xerostomia is complained frequently. Xerostomia contributes to altered eating habits and increase risk of dental caries and oral infection if there is inadequate blood glucose control. Factors affecting Xerostomia includes socioeconomic and medical condition, includes uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, presence of peripheral neuropathy, use of medications, gender and age.

Objective: To document the prevalence of Xerostomia among diabetic patients.

Methodology: This prospective, cross sectional study was conducted on known cases of Diabetes mellitus attending medical OPD at Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas Sindh from March 2017 to August 2017. During this period 100 patients were included according to inclusion criteria. Demographic details were recorded. Fox questionnaire was filled in, the data collected was analyzed by SPSS version 22, and presented as number and percentage.

Result:  Among100 patients; 37% were xerostomic and 63% were non xerostomic, age range of xerostomic was 50 ±7years and non xerostomic was 35 ±11 years. 21 females had Xerostomia and 29 had no Xerostomia .16 males were xerostomic, and 34 males were non xerostomic. Among xerostomic patients 15 were insulin dependent and 21 were non-insulin dependent. Where as in non xerostomic 22 were insulin dependent and 42 were non-insulin dependent. The mean duration of diabetes mellitus was 10 ±5 years in Xerostomic and it was 8 ±3 years in non xerostomic diabetes mellitus.

Conclusion: Xerostomia is common in elderly diabetics and in females and is dependent on glycemic control and duration of diabetes.

Key words: Xerostomia, Diabetes mellitus, Elderly and Duration of Diabetes Mellitus. 

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