Students’ perspective for online teaching program “Survive” during period of Covid-19.

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Huriza Saleem
Ayesha Shakeel


Introduction: During panacea of Covid-19; educational institutes started online teaching program. This was first experience for almost all faculty members and the students. As we all are familiar with face-to-face learning; it is imperative to get feedback from the students regarding their experience of online academic activities.

Objective: To document the students’ perspective regarding online teaching program of Muhammad Medical College Mirpurkhas named as “SURVIVE”

Methodology: After approval from Research and Ethical Committee of Muhammad Medical College this questionnaire-based study conducted during month of July 2020. This self-constructed questionnaire has 6 components: Organization and Structure, Teaching and learning, Teaching staff and other students, Assessment, Attribute development and Unit performance as a whole. Each component had 3-4 questions and students had to rate their satisfaction level on Likert scale.

Results: Each component of the questionnaire was examined. Among participants; female students (n=103) outnumber male students (n=22). The highest number of students were from 4th year MBBS (n= 47; 37.6%) followed by 1st year BDS (n=26;20.8%) and final year MBBS (n=25; 20%). Overall, 106 (86%) students rated Survive as satisfactory.

Conclusion: Being first experience, yet survive was found nearly in all aspect as satisfactory way of leaning during pandemic of Covid-19.

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