Prevention and management of prostate cancer: A review.

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Anila Faisal Memon
Aliya Zaman
Afsheen Qazi
Aqeela Memon
Aqsa Noureen
AlFarah Rehmatullah


The purpose of this review article is to critically assess the prevention and management strategies of prostate cancer. There is also a marked decrease in the mortality rates of prostate cancer in developed countries, the reason is largely unknown, but it is being suggested that it could be due to the early identification of prostate cancer through prostate specific antigen screening and early aggressive therapy. The resistance spills over to the complemen-tary medications such as the androgen inhibiting drugs, abiraterone, and enzalutamide, resulting in the form of cross-resistance. It is an obligation by care providers to counsel the people living with aging male prostate cancer on the importance of consuming healthy foods that will raise the odds of suppressing cancer development. The basis for settling on a restorative life-style prevention measure is because it is not associated with any risks com-pared to other alternatives. Regardless of the positive experience in using Prostate Health Index (PHI), the search for new biomarkers for the aggres-siveness assessment of prostate tumors is still needed.

Keywords: Prostate Cancer, Biomarkers, Tumors, Prevention, Management, Prostate Health Index.

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