Perception of covid-19 vaccine among healthcare workers in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

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Hira Ashfaq
Sabin Zafar
Sundas Dastagir
Bushra Kiran Naeem
Imrana Zulfikar
Raheel Ahmed


Introduction: COVID-19 vaccine was approved in late 2020 for healthcare workers
and were made available for public in early 2021. Healthcare workers opinions and
knowledge about vaccine safety directly impacts public perception about the vaccine.
Objectives: The aim of this study is to assess the perception of health care workers
towards administration of COVID-19 vaccine and to access the awareness of COVID
vaccine among healthcare workers in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
Methodology: This survey based study was conducted between February 2021 to
April 2021. Total 405 health care professionals approached electronically and data
collected, after taking consent, using a questionnaire. Analysis was done by SPSS
version 21.
Results: 405 health care professionals participated in current survey. Female outnumber male participants. Although majority were willing to be vaccinated, those
refusing were afraid of the side effects of the vaccine.
Conclusion: Healthcare workers, both from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, have high
acceptance ratio for COVID-19 vaccine. Fear of adverse effects and myths are the
major factors for refusal of vaccine..

Keywords: Covid-19; SARS CoV-2; Healthcare workers; Vaccine

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