Management of Idiopathic frozen shoulder.

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Dr Ateeque-ur-Rehman.
Muhammad Faraz Jokhio
Muhammad Mairaj
Muhammad Azeem Akhund


Introduction: Frozen shoulder is a common condition which is characterized by progressive pain &stiffness of shoulder can last up to 2-3 years. It is challenging condition because the effectiveness of treatment is limited. It can cause difficulties with activities of daily living like washing, cleaning, wearing and combing.

Objective: Treatment of idiopathic frozen shoulder with intraarticular corticosteroid injection and exercise.

Methodology: Sixty patients with frozen shoulder were treated in outpatient department of orthopedic surgery in Muhammad Medical College Mirpurkhas from Jan 2014 to Dec 2016. All the patients were given intra articular methylprednisolone mixed with 2% xylocaine. Three injections were given at monthly interval followed by exercise. Follow up was done up to Six months.

Results: 60 patients were treated with three intra articular injections of corticosteroids at monthly interval followed by exercise. 80% have excellent results i.e. relief from pain and achieved full range of motion.10%have mild pain and 10% have restricted internal rotation of shoulder.

Conclusion: Patients with frozen shoulder have excellent results when treated with intra articular corticosteroid injection followed by exercise.


Key words: Frozen shoulder, Adhesive capsulate, intra articular corticosteroid.

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