Prevalence of Neural tube defects at PUMHS Hospital. Neural Tube Defects

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Naila Yousuf
Prof. Farida Farooq Wagan
Khalid Yousuf
Shabana Ramzan
Farkhana Yasmeen
Prof. Aijaz A Memon


Introduction: Spina bifida, anencephaly, and encephalocele are neural tube defects (NTD) and result from failure of closure of the neural tube between 21and 28 days following conception. Encephaloceles are possibly post-closure defects. NTDs are an important cause of mortality and morbidity globally. NTD encompasses about one-tenth of the burden of all congenital conditions and make up the third largest congenital burden after congenital heart disease and Down’s syndrome. In low income countries, NTDs may account for 29% of neonatal deaths in observable birth defects

Objective: To know the prevalence of neural tube defects at PUMHS Benazirabad..

Methodology: All pregnant ladies when diagnosed to have fetus with neural tube defect through ultrasound examination were counselled for termination of pregnancy. Data collected through proforma with details of demography, gynecological history, and type of neural tube defect evaluated by senior gynecologist and neonatologist. NTDs were defined as cases of anencephaly, spina bifida, encephalocele and meningocele among infants of any gestational age.

Results: A total of 7152 deliveries took place in the obstetrics department of PUMHS Hospital from January 2018 to September 2019. 38 (thirty-eight) pregnancies were terminated at different gestational ages, diagnosed as cases of neural tube defects, making a prevalence of 5.313 per 1000 births. Among the NT defects, 22/38 (57.89%) were anencephaly and 12/38 (31.57%) were spina bifida with hydrocephalus.

Conclusion: The most common neural tube defect is anencephaly followed by spina bifida with hydrocephalus. Overall prevalence of NTD is comparable published literature from South East Asia.


Keywords: Neural tube defects, Anencephaly, Spina bifida, Hydrocephalus.



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Naila Yousuf, Prof. Farida Farooq Wagan, Khalid Yousuf, Shabana Ramzan, Farkhana Yasmeen, & Prof. Aijaz A Memon. (2020). Prevalence of Neural tube defects at PUMHS Hospital. JMMC, 10(2), 62-64.
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