Trends of expenditure on Immunization in Pakistan since 2000.

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Tunio HK
Aftab Ahmed
Faiqa Memon
Syed Mohammad Maqsood
Shahid Kamran
Muneer Saqid


World health organization started Expanded Program on Immunization in 1974. At that time only 5% of the children were covered globally in the first year on pro-gram. In Pakistan 16.34% of the total population is under five years’ children. In 2000 Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations (GAVI) was introduced in Paki-stan. Since 2000 by the finance and HR support from GAVI, additional 370 million children have been vaccinated from deadly disease. It has been noticed that the expenditure on immunization remained inconsistent over the time period. Since 2000 the massive change is seen in the pattern of expenditure on immunization both routine and campaigns to meet the goals. In Pakistan, expenditure on immun-ization has reached to $240 million annually but still the fully immunized children are between 43-62% of all the under-five population of the country. Immunization services needed to be on time and efficiently provided to the communities. The growth in fiscal gap and need for expenditure competition in financing, has subju-gated policymaking. There is a need for reviewing the current policies for budgeting immunization program and needful risk assessment will support future financial crisis.
Key Words: Immunization, Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization,
Extended Program of Immunization,


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Hanna Khair Tunio, Aftab Ahmed, Faiqa Memon, Syed Mohammad Maqsood, Shahid Kamran, & Muneer Saqid. (2021). Trends of expenditure on Immunization in Pakistan since 2000. JMMC, 11(2), 36-39.
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