Macrovascular Complications and their risk factors in Type 2 Diabetic Patients in Hyderabad, Pakistan.

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Munazza Shaikh
Sadiq Ali Khowaja
Allah Bachayo Rajar
Ghulam Hussain Baloch
Partab Puri
Tariq Feroz Memon


Introduction: Diabetes mellitus (DM), is the universally occurring non-communicable disease as well as exemplary health problem affecting peo-ple worldwide.1 The number of cases of DM are rising at an enormous pace irrespective of any age, gender, economic status or ethnicity around the globe.
Objective: To evaluate the macro-vascular complications and its correlation with different risk factors among type-2 diabetic patients.
Methodology: This cross-sectional study was conducted at Red Crescent General Hospital Latifabad Hyderabad from October 2018 to October 2020. Type 2 diabetics of either gender, between age 20 and 70 years, on diabetic medication visited during the study duration were included in the study. Data related to socio-demographic details and clinical features was collect-ed from the participants using a written questionnaire. Collected data was analyzed using SPSS ver. 22.
Results: Significant association (p<0.05) was demonstrated between Coro-nary artery diseases and the risk factors like; age of patient, the duration of diabetes mellitus, diastolic as well as systolic blood pressures, body mass index and serum triglycerides levels. While the statistically significant asso-ciation (p<0.05) of peripheral vascular diseases with the duration of diabe-tes mellitus, systolic blood pressure and serum triglyceride levels. Whereas, cerebrovascular disease was associated (p<0.05) with age, systolic and diastolic BP.
Conclusion: The coronary artery disease seems to be most frequent macro-vascular complication among the type 2 diabetic patients. Whereas the risk factors including; advancing age, duration of diabetes mellitus, hyperten-sion, BMI as well as serum triglycerides levels are the most significant fac-tors for these complications.
Key Words: Coronary artery disease, Cerebrovascular Disease, Diabetes Mellitus Type 2, Peripheral vascular disease


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Munazza Shaikh, Sadiq Ali Khowaja, Allah Bachayo Rajar, Ghulam Hussain Baloch, Partab Puri, & Tariq Feroz Memon. (2021). Macrovascular Complications and their risk factors in Type 2 Diabetic Patients in Hyderabad, Pakistan. JMMC, 11(2), 52-57.
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