Evaluating Factors Influencing Memorization in Undergraduate Medical Students.

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Shayan Muhammad Aslam
Tehniat Faraz Ahmed
Fauzia Imtiaz


Objectives: To evaluate the techniques used by medical students for better memo-rization and identify factors that directly or indirectly influence the process of memorization.
Method: This cross-sectional study included undergraduate medical students from four public/private medical schools of Karachi. Through stratified random sampling, 400 medical students were administered a questionnaire that had been developed through focused group discussions and pre-tested on a smaller population. Data was analyzed using SPSS version 26.0 by applying Pearson’s chi square test for cate-gorical variables and Mann Whitney U test for scale variables.
Results: Passion for the medical field was the key motivating factor for most the students (n=133; 33.3%). The source of motivation to study in students was related to the phase of their training at medical school, with preclinical and clinical years showing a slightly significant difference (P=0.049). Silent reading (n=203; 50.8%), intermittent power naps (n=125; 31.2%) and making notes and flowcharts (n=169; 42.2%) were the preferred memorization techniques. 46.9% (n=188) students re-quired < 4 hours of study daily and no significant difference in the number of study hours required per week was observed between the two genders and the students of preclinical and clinical years. Majority of the students considered lack of sleep (n=232; 58%) and social media (n=146;36.5%) their biggest sources of distraction.
Conclusion: Desire to help humanity is the main driving force for medical students. The extensive syllabus requires dedicated number of study hours and use of memo-rization techniques suited for oneself.
Keywords: Learning preference, Memorization technique, Motivation factor, Memory aid, Academic performance.


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Shayan Muhammad Aslam, Tehniat Faraz Ahmed, & Fauzia Imtiaz. (2021). Evaluating Factors Influencing Memorization in Undergraduate Medical Students. JMMC, 11(2), 92-98. https://doi.org/10.62118/jmmc.v11i2.165
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