Evaluation of Mannheim's Peritoneal index score (MPI) for predicting mortality in patients with peritonitis.

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Syed Ali Haider Rizvi
Raheel Ahmed
Erum Kazim
Rabia Feroz
Aisha Siddiqua
Asma Amin


Introduction: Despite latest development the diagnosis and prognosis of acute intraperitoneal infection is still offer a challenge. Different scoring algorithms have been formulated to grade the severity and decision making.
Objective: To document reliability of Mannheim Peritonitis Index as a criterion for prediction of mortality after acute intraperitoneal infection
Methodology: This cross-sectional study was conducted at department of Surgery; Civil Hospital Karachi/Dow University of Health Sciences during December 2019 to June 2020. Total 200 patients aged 16 to 55 years from either gender, presenting with peritonitis were enrolled. Patients were evaluated using Mannheim Peritonitis Index (MPI) score for mortality taking real mortality within 7 days as gold standard.
Results: The mean age was 37.3 ±9 years with male (71%) dominance, while mean MPI score was 27.12 ±7.1. The sensitivity was 91.8 %, specificity was 84.4 %, while positive predictive and negative predictive values and diagnostic accuracy values were 87.8 %, 89.4 % and 93% respectively.
Conclusion: Several scoring systems are utilized to evaluate and stratify patients in overcrowded emergency department which is crucially important for selection of patients who need early clinical decisions. MPI scoring index is the specific and simply accessible in such condition to predict the mortality.
Keywords: Mannheim Peritonitis Index, acute intraperitoneal infection, In-hospital mortality, Diagnostic accuracy.

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Syed Ali Haider Rizvi, Raheel Ahmed, Erum Kazim, Rabia Feroz, Aisha Siddiqua, & Asma Amin. (2023). Evaluation of Mannheim’s Peritoneal index score (MPI) for predicting mortality in patients with peritonitis. JMMC, 13(2), 39-42. https://doi.org/10.62118/jmmc.v13i2.260
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