Usage of antimicrobials in patients having intricate clean-contaminated head and neck surgeries. Antibiotic after complicated clean contaminated head and neck surgeries

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Maham Shah
Shagufta Channa
Anum Asif
Atia Gul Bhurt
Deepak Kumar


Objective: The goal of this study is to characterize, the infectious complications and to identify the risk variables most frequently linked, after head and neck surgeries.
Methodology: 47 patients who underwent major clean-contaminated head and neck surgery between 2019 and 2022 at the cervicomaxillofacial Surgery Department (Saint-Pierre Hospital) were the subject of a prospective cohort analysis. Two groups of patients were created: group I received a postoperative antibiotic regimen for just 24 hours; group II re-ceived a longer postoperative antibiotic course lasting more than 24 hours. Amoxicillin and clavulanate were given intra-venously 30 to 60 minutes before making the incision as antibacterial precautions. Following surgery, the antibiotic course was maintained. Univariate analysis was used to assess the predictive importance of the antibiotic regimen on postoperative outcomes, including clinical symptoms of infection and biological indicators like the white blood cell count and C-reactive protein levels was evaluated using univariate analysis.
Results: 18 patients experienced SSIs. Antibiotics were used to treat each of these grade 2 illnesses. Only a history of hypothyroidism appears to be a predictor of SSI after univariate analysis (P = 0.038). When we compared the patients who received antibiotics for 24 h or more, there was no discernible difference in terms of onset and hospital stay. Addi-tionally, neither group had a different rate of germs that were multidrug resistant.
Conclusion: Our findings imply that using postoperative antibiotics for more than 24 hours has no positive effects on SSI.

Key words: Cervico-maxillofacial Surgery, clean contaminated surgery, antimicrobials, Surgical Site Infection.


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Maham Shah, Shagufta Channa, Anum Asif, Rimsha, Atia Gul Bhurt, & Deepak Kumar. (2023). Usage of antimicrobials in patients having intricate clean-contaminated head and neck surgeries. JMMC, 14(1), 17-20.
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