Medical Student's Knowledge and Perspective Regarding Organ Donation In Punjab.

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Iqra Arshad
Maira Zubair
Ayesha Shafi
Muhammad Zille Roshaan Hassan
Ayesha Tariq
Muhammad Subhan
Ayesha Israr
Muhammad Rizwan
Usama Saeed Bhatti
Jamil Ahmed


Objectives: This study aimed to evaluate the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of organ donation among undergraduate medical students and explore potential variations based on demographic characteristics.

Methodology: A Cross-Sectional Study was conducted from June to September 2023; participants were recruited from Punjab medical, dental, and paramedic colleges. Data was gathered using a structured questionnaire, which was pre-tested prior to the study. The online data collected was analyzed using SPSS version 28. Qualitative variables were reported in frequencies and percentages, and the Chi-square test assessed associations among study variables and sociodemographic traits.

Results: The study enrolled 152 students, predominantly from the MBBS program (80%). Inconsistencies were observed in knowledge, attitude, and practice domains. Approximately 55.6% of students were aware of organ donation, while only 45.5% exhibited a positive attitude, particularly in donating under exceptional circumstances. The group below 18 years demonstrated a high percentage (45.5%) of willingness to become organ donors. Notably, a significant portion of participants expressed comfort and positive feelings about posthumous organ donation.

Conclusion: The data revealed various perspectives and challenges associated with organ donation. Some participants mentioned issues like religious constraints, family opposition, and concerns about physical appearance or mortality. Moreover, a variety of "Other" barriers were identified, indicating a wide range of reservations. Nevertheless, the majority clearly grasped the selfless intent behind organ donation, with the main drive being to preserve and prolong human life. The results highlight the necessity for continuous efforts to enhance awareness, educate the public, and address reservations in order to encourage organ donation and ultimately save lives.


Keywords: Organ donor, Organ recipient, Undergraduate Medical Students. Item characteristic curve.



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Iqra Arshad, Maira Zubair, Ayesha Shafi, Muhammad Zille Roshaan Hassan, Ayesha Tariq, Muhammad Subhan, Ayesha Israr, Muhammad Rizwan, Usama Saeed Bhatti, & Jamil Ahmed. (2024). Medical Student’s Knowledge and Perspective Regarding Organ Donation In Punjab. JMMC, 14(2), 82-86.
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