Patients Perceptions of Doctors Empathy in MMCH.

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Aiman Mustafa
Muhammad Zeeshan Zafar
Muhammad Asad Khan


Patients Perceptions of Doctors Empathy in MMCH

*Aiman Mustafa, **Muhammad Zeeshan Zafar, ***Muhammad Asad Khan

*Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas, **Rashid Latif Medical College, ***Kind Edward Medical University.



Introduction: Empathy is defined as understanding of patient’s experiences, concern and perceptive, combined with a capacity to communicate and intention to help. Patient takes doctors empathy as his good will for successful treatment of his patient while understanding his misery. This study was designed to in investigate the perception of patients regarding doctor empathy and to examine their satisfaction and personal interest or indications of patient compliance.

Methodology: A cross-sectional survey was conducted between August 1, 2015 50 August 26, 2015. 100 patients selected purposively from OPD and ward. A self-administrated Likert styled questionnaire originally developed by Hojat et al at Jefferson school of Medicine with Urdu translation was administered. The data was analyzed using SPSS version 16.

Results: Among the total of 100 patients, 98%patients accept that their Doctor has been taking care of them, 74% patients were satisfied that the Doctor explain the reason for  any test, 94% thought that their  Doctor explained  things clearly to them, 96% strongly agreed that their  doctor had knowledge and skills, 100%  were satisfied with the care their  doctor  provided, while 82%claimed that their doctor encourage  them to explain  the disease to him, 94% wanted their  doctor to be present in any medical emergency.

Conclusions: This study reveals a high degree of patient’s satisfaction with empathy of Doctors of MMCH, although some improvement is still possible.


Key words: Patient, empathy, concern, satisfaction, MMCH


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