Prevalence of Pre-Diabetic State among Medical Students of Muhammad Medical College

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Mubeen Nasir
Umair Mustafa


Introduction: Diabetes is one of the most prevalent disease in Pakistan. Pre-Diabetes is the predisposition to diabetes. This study was conducted to identify the high-risk pre-diabetes individuals and the associated risk factors.

Methodology: A cross section al, descriptive study was conducted among medical students of Muhammad Medical College, Mirpurkhas. Total 100 were identified by using convenience sampling technique, after taking informed consent. WHO recommended procedure Oral Glucose tolerance test were performed and a face to face interview was conducted to collect information to identify associated risk factor by using closed ended pre- tested questionnaire. Data was entered and analyzed by using SPSS version 16.

Result: In total study sample of 100 patients; common age group was 20-22 years (n=49, 49%) and majority were male (n=56, 56%). Family history was present in 64% of study sample. Although all participants were disease free, results of oral glucose tolerance test showed that12% were at pre-diabetic state (FBS>110 &RBS>140). Among these 12 participants, 5(41.7%) were overweight, 4(33.3%) were obese, while 3(25%) were having normal BMI. Among this cohort of prediabetic, 75% have positive family history of diabetes, 50% spend 2-5 hour free with no physical activities, 90.9% take junk food, 91.7% take stress about their family/study and 50% have family history of obesity.

Conclusion: Results of current study showed 12% prevalence of pre-diabetic among medical students. The family history of diabetes, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, stress and use of junk foods are associated risk factors. As a preventive measure, health education should be given to all medical students particularly high-risk group.


Key Words: Pre-diabetic state, Oral glucose tolerance test, Overt Diabetes.


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