Data Statement
Scientific results are only as strong as they are reproducible, so being able to identify and use research data is vital to building knowledge. To help make all scientific data more transparent, we encourage the authors to state the availability of their data. With the data statement, authors can be transparent about the data they used in an article and make a statement about its availability together with their published article.

Data Statement at a Glance
With data statement, an author can provide information about the data presented in an article and provide a reason if data is not available to access.  The data statement will appear under the "research data" section from the article outline.

Benefits for authors and readers:

  • Increases transparency
  • Allows compliance with data policies.
  • Encourages good scientific practice and encourages trust

Why should I share my research data?

There are so many good reasons. Find out more and discover how you can share research data.

Example:  Research data for this article

Due to the sensitive nature of the questions asked in this study, survey respondents were assured raw data would remain confidential and would not be shared.
Data not available / The data that has been used is confidential
All the data which is mentioned and support the findings in the articles published in JMMC are available on request from the corresponding author.

The data is not publicly available due to privacy or ethical restrictions